Abbey Lee Kershaw is so fucking beautiful.

Kate Moss is the bomb.

I don’t think I ever had a crush on a girl as hard as I did on Shannyn Sossamon after watching The Rules of Attraction. She has the best hair ever.

Erin Wasson has the best tattoos and style. I want to date her <3

Is there anyone in the world more cute than Alexa Chung?

The Nasty Gal Karina Nicholson is straight beautiful. I love her eyebrows.

Jesse Jo Stark is so rad. She is punk rock and beautiful in a unique and refreshing way.

Charlotte Free is that badass pink haired model. She is way too cool.

Rachel Ballinger is the babe from Urban Outfitter’s website. She gives off the totally cool next door tomboy vibe. Super babe!

In our youth,
we were beautiful
In our absurdity,
we were lovely
And we didn't even know.